9 Things No One Told Me I Would Miss From My Childless Life

9 Things No One Told Me I Would Miss From My Childless Life

There are some day-to-day things that everyone takes for granted and don't appreciate much before having kids. Here is a list of 9 things I never thought I would miss:

1. Having dinner without getting up from the table.

I can be doing nothing for an hour and he will instantly feel thirsty or hungry as soon as I sit down to eat.

2. Taking a long shower.

Forget about taking a bath. Or what about that hair treatment that ONLY takes 7 minutes? Ha! Forget about that too.

3. Grocery shopping in peace.

Every time we go to the store he thinks I have to buy him a toy, which I don't. But you know how to shut up a yelling 5-year-old? Buying him the freaking toy!

4. Sleeping alone.

The Happy Boy and me share a king size bed. Innocent me, I thought buying a king size would keep him on his side of the bed. Nope! I could have saved a couple hundred dollars buying a twin size. Same damn thing.

5. Having to watch my mouth.

And I am not talking about cursing, I am talking about making plans. Lets say, for a trip. I can't mention it in front of him because the countdown will begin, "Mom, how many days till we leave? How many more days am I going to school?" And on and on...

6. Naps.

Can't complain too much about this one, now that he is older I can take longer naps. And by longer I mean 20 minute naps.

7. Non-stop road trips.

Every small town is a stop either to use the restroom or to buy snacks and since he is a boy, sometimes we just have to stop in the middle of nowhere to pee.

9 Things No One Told Me I Would Miss From My Childless Life

(Confession: I am a little jealous about him being able to pee anywhere.)

8. Eating junk food (without hiding).

I do let him have candy, chocolates, chips or whatever, just not for dinner. So I have to wait for him to fall sleep to indulge myself with a huge and delicious bag of Doritos.

9. Sleeping in after partying the night before.

You know how we all try not to go out and drink on a weekday because we have to work early in the morning the next day? Well when you are a mom, Saturdays and Sundays become the new Monday and Tuesday.

I am sure there are a couple (or hundreds) of things I a missing here, and of course I would not change any bit of my life, but it would certainly have been nice if someone had told me before. At least I would have been mentally prepared.

If you are a mom, I know you can relate, but if you don't have kids yet, please enjoy these moments on behalf of those of us that can't anymore.


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