8 Tips for Taking Better Camera Phone Photos This Year

8 Tips for Taking Better Camera Phone Photos This Year

I'll start off by admitting the obvious: I am by no means a mind-blowing photographer. A lengthy scroll through my 1,600 Instagram photos, if you dare, will tell the tale of improvement; although there still are plenty of hastily taken and posted photos. However, I did do that art school thing: I'm clear about the basic principles/elements of design and composition, blah blah blah.


I like to tell myself that I DO know how to implement that knowledge. Sometimes I'm right. My husband might beg to differ, especially when in the middle of IKEA arguing over how to decorate our home. He wants a vase full of crushed seashells topped with a tumbleweed, and I want a vase filled with grandma's faux flowers. But that's another story for another time. Okay, that has nothing to do with taking iPhone pics. How can we take better iPhone pictures this year? [Side note: I am currently using an iPhone5S, though I took some of these photos an iPhone4S, and I indicate which. I am writing this assuming you know how to operate a camera phone, too. My unfortunate subject matter for some of the examples is my middle son, Emmett, who is currently sleeping through the barfs and the heavy D's of whatever virus which has struck Happy House. Hmm. That sounds happy. Okay, go!]

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