The 8 Stages of My Day As A Stay At Home Mom

The 8 Stages of My Day As A Stay At Home Mom

When you’re home with kids all day, it can be a tough. Tough to make it through the day and hold onto your sanity, tough to keep your patience, tough to get everything done on a never-ending to do list. Then there are also the days when things run so smoothly it feels almost too easy. With kids, it’s a mixed bag. You never know what kind of day you’re going to have, so you have to be prepared either way. I’ve been home with my daughters for over three years now and I have begun to recognize an amusing pattern to my thoughts and feelings on average hectic days. Somewhat similar to the stages of grief:Day1. Optimism{Planning Ahead} Usually I wake up pretty ambitious and feeling organized and prepared for the day ahead. Lately, I have even been so organized as to have a day planner where I keep appointments and to-do lists.

2. Denial You just need another cup of coffee, things aren’t that crazy.

3. Dread How is it only 9:30 and I’m already so drained/stressed?

4. Fear I just might lose it.

5. Confusion The adult world must be so fun and stimulating. They even go out to lunch. Maybe I should return to work?

6. Numbness Repeating behaviors without thought. This is also the stage where things are often put back in strange places and I once poured Diet Coke into a baby bottle.

7. Shock and Awe {a Final Energy Surge} The home stretch, cleaning up, fixing dinner, making it happen.

8. Collapse Unfortunately, it is during this stage when I am supposed to be working out.

When you're home with your kids, do you have any similar thoughts and feelings?

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