7 Ways to Get Your Relationship Back on Track

7 Ways to Get Your Relationship Back on Track

Relationships can become tough, especially the ones that have a long and turbulent history. More often than not, couples tend to relax a bit too much when they get married, since they are under the impression that they have entered the “safe zone”. Even when you find the right person to “settle down with” you need to pay attention to how things are going. This isn’t the case only with married couples; this can happen to any romantic relationship that has been going on for a while.  A relationship is always a complicated thing and no matter how much in love you might be, things can go wrong if you let bad things pile up and if you avoid paying attention.  It will always take work, patience and of course, respect in order to keep your relationship on the right track without making a bad turn and ending up on a bumpy, one-way road to the single life.

If you have started to notice that things aren’t as bright and sparkly as they use to be, maybe it is high time to see what you can do to shake things up a bit. Not every relationship is the same though, but I’m going to try and provide some general tips that can be applied to almost any situation. It is up to you to make the necessary adjustments in order to compensate for your personal situation.

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1. Identifying the problems and quality communication

There are times when you are stressed out from work, family issues or who knows what else and you get into fights with your partner without really thinking things through. Try to pin-point what is really bothering you (or if you are on the receiving end of this lashing out, what’s bothering your partner) and try to talk about the real problem behind the rage.

2. Cool it down and remain calm

Sometimes, couples problems can stem from pure competitiveness and desire to win an argument. If you have seen this kind of behavior with you or your partner, it is probably best to take a step back and take a breather. Even the smallest arguments about unimportant issues can become a verbal boxing match that will leave you both bruised and broken if all you are going for is simply winning the argument.

3. Money and work

Stress is one of the primary causes for unprovoked relationship meltdowns. A lot of times it can be related to money or work issues. Making a financial plan together – one that works for your personal situation – is something you have to do. Find an arrangement that works for both of you.

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4. Personal growth

The fact that you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you should only focus on things that you do as a couple. Focus on yourself so that you can make it better as an individual and keep yourself moving forward. This will take the edge off things and any individual success will make your partner feel like he/she is in a relationship with a stable person.

5. Bedroom problems

Is sex a problem? Do something different and stop trying to force things. The bedroom dance is something that should help your relationship move forward, not backward. Sometimes, stress can have a negative effect on your love life, so try not to take things personally and give things some time. If you feel that you have fallen into a slump, try to be creative. You can try role playing, dressing up in costumes, fulfilling some childhood fantasies and so on. I can’t really give you any concrete advice, you know your situation best so try not to be timid and take the wheel.


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6. Keep the past in the past

Every relationship has its ups and downs. If you have put some problems behind you, don’t bring them up again just because you are losing an argument. Old grudges need to be resolved, not dragged out every time you feel you need a weapon to beat your partner down.

7. Expecting too much

I’m not saying you should settle for anything, but you can hardly expect everything to be perfect. You should realize that both of you are only human and that it is a part of human nature to make mistakes. Even in situations where you get exactly what you want, you can feel empty and even bored so don’t push things and work with the person, not your delusions of what you want. 

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