6 Ways to Make Your Blog More Professional

6 Ways to Make Your Blog More Professional

Whether you are blogging as a hobby or for business and monetization, a professional feel to your blog is important.

Blogs that are working with companies will especially need to pay attention to these fine details.

If one thing is hard on the eyes, or if a company is unable to navigate quickly through your blog without getting lost, you might lose a business opportunity.

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Use these tips to bring a more professional look to your blog:


Use the same font throughout your blog or narrow it down to two main fonts. If you get too many different font styles and sizes, it will feel scattered. Always use black or dark grey for text color in your posts.

Use regular default fonts (New Times Roman, Arial, Helvetica) for your posts. Stay away from the really funky, curvy fonts. It might look good to you, but those crazy curves could show up different on someone else's computer. (This pertains to fonts anywhere on your blog: posts, sidebar titles, links, header and footer, post title/date header, pages.)


Same with the fonts, try to pick two or three colors that go well together for your blog. Stay away from black backgrounds. It's also a good idea to have a plain, white background. This gives your blog a clean, professional look. For example, a black background with lime green colored text is a bad idea.

There are some websites that offer pre-designed backgrounds and templates, but I stay away from those. Even though these background designs are cute and fun,  it might not be the best idea for the clean, professional look.


When you are editing your blog's layout, strive for an organized and clean layout. Space your gadgets, buttons, ads, etc. evenly and nicely. Don't let them overlap or cut one another out. Be aware of the size of your entire blog. People will not want to scroll over (to the right) because your blog is too wide.

Title your gadgets if people won't know what to do with them. Put your most important gadgets at the top. (Personal introduction, following options, etc.)

Have a catchy header image. Try to design your own or hire someone to do it for you. Make sure it's not too big, yet make sure everyone will be able to read it. Include your blog name and your tag line or just a little sentence of what your blog is about.

Look at what you see above the fold on your homepage. This is often over looked. You should see your header, pages, your "about me" info, and the start of your posts, if not more. If you have to scroll down to see your posts, your header is too big. You might also want to make your tab text/date header smaller to fit more above the fold.

(There are a few HTML secrets to take away white space on your blog! I might share those later.)


This is a good idea for anyone with a blog. You need to always make your information available for anyone to contact you. Make your email address visible on top of your homepage or "about me" page. This is a must. Add social media icon buttons with the links to your profiles embedded in them. This way people can follow you on the social media platform of their choice with one simple click.


An easy way to make your blog have a professional feel is to buy your own domain name. Example: instead of "http://example.blogspot.com" you will now have: "http://www.example.com."

This will also make it easier for people to remember your URL. Since I have bought my own URL, I have noticed more companies pursuing my blog for business opportunities. It's worth the less than $15 a year hosting fee!

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This might be obvious, but triple check your posts for spelling and grammatical errors. These errors will be the first thing to turn off a company who is considering hiring you. If you represent yourself with bad grammar and spelling, why would a company want you to promote them with your errors? Always, always, always: go back and re-read your post before publishing.

What other tips do you have for a professional looking blog?

-Jessie Jo At Home

I am a blogger, web designer, and virtual social media assistant! Check out my HIRE ME page.

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