6 Things Your Teen Can Do This Summer

6 Things Your Teen Can Do This Summer

When I was in high school, everybody had a summer job, and we would meet to go to a movie in the evening or the beach on our day off. However, finding a job these days is hard for teenagers. The labor market hasn't fully recovered, so many of the traditional teen jobs are being filled by adults. Now that summer is here, I don't want my kids hanging around the house texting, tweeting, and eating everything in the pantry because they're bored. What else can they do?

1. Volunteer

6 Things Your Teen Can Do This Summer
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There is a need in almost every community for volunteers, and I want my kids to give back in some way. Most teens have to log community service hours for various clubs and graduation requirements, and summer is a perfect opportunity to get hours in. Plus, volunteering looks great when applying to colleges or on scholarship applications. Food banks, churches, nursing homes and hospitals are good places to look for volunteer work. DoSomething.org is a cool resource that helps teens find opportunities to "make the world suck less." Yep, that's their motto!


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