6 Gluten-Free Blogs to Change the Way You Eat

6 Gluten-Free Blogs to Change the Way You Eat

If you're exploring new eating patterns to see what makes you feel healthier, gluten-free works for many people. And you've been diagnosed with health condition tied to food (such as celiac, IBS or food allergies), gluten-free eating can save your life. Follow these blogs for inspiration, brilliant recipes, time-saving techniques, smart solutions, and support in living the GF life.

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Mellissa Sevigny lost 40 pounds when she got serious about low-carb, gluten-free eating. Her blog is packed with recipes (including a whole section on meatballs), as well as food blogging and photography tutorials.


Carolyn is a diabetic who's found gluten-free and low-carb recipes work best for her health. Her blog is mostly GF (with a few well-marked recipes she cooks for her non-GF family). Sugar-free homemade Twix bars, anyone?


Shauna and Daniel Ahern's blog is one of the most well known, well written, and extensive GF blogs out there. Don’t miss Shauna's inspirational story of nearly dying in 2005 before she Googled "celiac disease" and changing her diet, or her occasional posts on food blogging, like the incisive "Oh The Hell With Perfect Photos of Perfect Food.


Gluten-free convenience cooking is often really hard to find. If you're a "set it and forget it" fan, Stephanie O'Dea's blog is for you. It's crock-full of simple, family-favorite slow cooker recipes and techniques—all gluten-free.


Gigi Stewart takes a scientific approach to her recipes, which she started developing after researching why her healthy diet was not healthy for her—she had celiac disease and multiple allergies. Now, Gigi is founder and editor in chief of Food Solutions magazine. She shares a wide range of recipes (including the recent gluten-free fun-fetti cupcakes) on her blog.


If you aren't reading Michelle Tam's blog because you're not paleo, go forth and explore! Her version of paleo is gluten free, of course, and it's also very varied: cheesy 'n' beefy mini muffins sit next to chawan mushi (Japanese savory custard) and Chez Panisse braised cabbage.

Got a favorite GF or GF-friendly blog? Share it in the comments!

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