6 Bloggers to Follow on Twitter Before Oscar Sunday

6 Bloggers to Follow on Twitter Before Oscar Sunday

The annual ritual of watching the Oscars is upon us this week. The 86th Academy Awards show, hosted by Ellen DeGeneres, will be televised live on Sunday, March 2nd. I'm finalizing a full slate of potential winners, and it's looking like this year I'm there for 12 Years a Slave, Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey, Lupita Nyong'o, and anyone for Best Supporting Actor as long as it's not Jonah Hill.

I'm also excited about Sunday's show because of the bloggers who livetweet during awards shows and red carpet events. Following smart, snarky, insightful writers adds to the fun, schadenfreude and meaning of contemporary pop culture immeasurably.

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Here are some of my favorite witty women to follow on Twitter during Awards Season.

Wendi Aarons, @WendiAarons

One of my favorite humor writers, Wendi Aarons, is wicked fun during awards shows. Wendi's the co-creator of The Mouthy Housewives and @paulryangosling. She's fast, she knows her pop culture, and she nails it every time.

Nina Bargiel, @slackmistress

Nina is a television writer with an insider's perspective and a fabulous wit. She blogs at The Slack Daily, and her Tweets showcase the absurdity of Hollywood brilliantly.

Awesomely Luvvie, @Luvvie

Pop culture writer Luvvie Ajayi livetweets award shows with a flawless mix of celebration, appreciation for glam, and cultural commentary. I love her comedic take on television and movies, her excited devotion to her favorites (or side-eye to those who deserve it), and her smart commentary (like this post on social media's treatment of Quvenzhane Wallis last year.)

Marinka, @MarinkaNYC

I don't have words to express the genius of Marinka's writing. I fell in love with her dry humor, ability to turn a phrase and deft hand with dialogue at her blog Marinka NYC and at her collaboratively-authored site Mouthy Housewives. She excels at the punchy short form of Twitter.

Suzy Soro, @hotcomestodie

I wouldn't think of watching an awards show without following author and comedian Suzy Soro, who blogs at Hollywood: Where Hot Comes to Die.Suzy is seeringly funny, and I've also learned a lot about behind-the-scenes Hollywood politics from her. Savvy meets no-nonsense joke writing, Suzy's perspective can't be missed.

Dorothy Snarker, @dorothysnarker

Dorothy Surrenders was one of the first pop cultures blogs I read, and I'm a huge fan of Dorothy Snarker's writing on After Ellen. Her awards show tweets celebrate the notable queerness of the industry layered, as you'd imagine from her name, with a hefty dose of snark.

Some BlogHer staff and Contributing Editors are bound to be tearing up Twitter Sunday night, too. Best bets on award show nights include Elisa Camahort PageStacy MorrisonJulie Ross Godar, Rita Arens, Feminista JonesVirginia DeBoltDiane Lang and of course, BlogHer. You also can follow me and my evolving list of Award Show Must-Follows on Twitter.

Will you be Tweeting during the Oscars? Share your handle, or tell us about your favorites to follow, in the comments.

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