5 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

5 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

I took up gardening the year after we moved to my current house, Chateau Travolta. I never suspected myself of being a gardener, but it turns out I get immense pleasure from watching the yearly cycle of rebirth. Also, the flowers make my deck look less weathered. Up until this year, the deer rampant in my neighborhood stayed away from my deck and so I didn't have to take any precautions around my perennials. But this year, THIS YEAR! They ate my buds. And now, it is war. Here are the top five solutions I found in my anti-deer research.

woodland creatures


Predator Guard

Predator Guard

Predator Guard, $30

Predator Guard has two little LED lights that flash, mimicking the eyes of a predator. I bought this after deer chomped my knockout roses. Pro: It's solar, so you don't have to worry much about the batteries dying. Con: It flashes all the time from dusk to dawn, which seems a little bit much. I'd love it if it were motion-activated instead. You also need to move it around so the deer don't get used to the lights and just start ignoring them.


Coyote Pee

coyote pee

Coyote Pee, $23

The interesting thing about the PMart site is that you can get not only coyote pee, but also fox, bobcat, wolf, mountain lion or bear urine! Take your pick. Pros: Can't see it. Cons: Have to reapply. Also: it's pee.


Deer Fence

deer fence

Steel Deer Fence Kit, $595

The deer fencing solution is the most extreme. Fences are expensive, you have to install them, and then you also have to look at them and mow around them. They do, however, really really work.


Barking Dogs

Nantucket Sak

Photo Credit: Denise Tanton

Barking dogs will scare away deer, neighborhood children and unsolicited door-to-door salesmen. They are also very cute. Cons: Barking.


Putrified Eggs


Bobbex, $24

What could be better than spraying your flowers and shrubs with a mixture of fish meal, hot pepper, putrid eggs, dried blood, wintergreen oil and more? Apparently, this stuff really works and the smell disappears (for humans) after a few days. But, well, ew.

What do you use to keep beasties away from your flowers?

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