5 Worst Times To Be Single

5 Worst Times To Be Single

Sometimes being single friggin' sucks. Before you roll your eyes at me, let me also state that if you are a regular reader of my blog you know that I in no way feel you need a man to complete you, be happy, or live a fulfilled life. I have been happily single for over four years now and have written over 50 blog post demonstrating that.

With that being said, there are definitely times when being single does, in fact, suck!


granny store
Image: Tammi Kibler via Flickr

When my 82 year old Grandmother tells me to use up my eggs before they dry up...

Yup, this happened in a store, in public, because when you're 82, you can literally say anything you want and get away with it. It happened like this:

Me: "Nanny, I don't really care about getting married."
Nanny: "How old are you now?"
Me: "33."
Nanny: "You better use those eggs up before they dry up."

Here's why this sucks:

  • Who wants to disappoint their grandma? 
  • I'm 33 years old and yes, my eggs are drying up 
  • I am in no rush to be married or have kids

Okay, so yes I am single, I am not in a rush to be married, nor am I purposely looking for a man to procreate with. This is an instance when being single sucks because I do think about the fact that both of my grandmothers are up in age, and if I were to find someone to spend my life with, I would like both of them to be here for it.


Sometimes you need some TLC -->


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