5 things on my pre-occupied mind

5 things on my pre-occupied mind

  1. Friends – Met some friends and work colleagues at a wedding reception yesterday evening. So I’ve been a little nostalgic about some memories with each one of them.
  2. Weather – The weather feels amazing, what with the monsoons showering us with rains. So absolutely enjoying this season. The cool atmosphere, the misty smell of the earth, the greenery… you know what a rain person I am.
  3. Books – I’ve been off reading lately. So thinking of ways to catch up on that without shuffling my other tasks. Got any tips? Would love to know.
  4. Blogging – The monthly blogging initiatives are keeping my busy. I won’t call it a writer’s block but it does feel a lot like an overflow of post ideas. So I’m indecisive of which one to choose. What do you do when that happens?
  5. Baby Girl’s birthday celebrations – It’s more than 2 months away and already has me feel jittery about the details. Guest list, catering, venue, timing, cake and what not. Watch this space for more details.

A penny for your thoughts – tell me what are the 5 things on your mind right now

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