5 Things My Kids Taught Me in 2013

5 Things My Kids Taught Me in 2013

I originally wanted to write this post as a great, self-serving nod to the five parenting lessons I learned in 2013. You know, giving myself all the credit for the amazing job I did this year... but as I sat here, looking over pictures of the past year, I realized that the tables are turning a little bit. Until now, I've done a lot of teaching, the instructing, the guiding. We made it through potty training all the way through learning to change your underwear even if you don't shower that day. Our lessons on manners are more about people's feelings than the simple, "Say please and thank you." They understand the importance of family participation in chores and photographs and events.

But my work here is not done. I recognize I have a lot left to teach -- and a lot left to learn.

2013 began that turning of the tables. My two boys have taught me a lot this year. Here are five lessons I hope to keep with me over the years.

Be In the Moment

Be in the Moment

When my sons are doing something that they love to do -- like jumping through the sprinkler on a hot day -- they are not simultaneously worrying about 52 other things. They are in the moment. They surrender -- fully -- to the joy. They don't think about their messy bedrooms or the homework that needs completed or the mean thing that so-and-so said on the playground earlier that day. I want to live joy like that, to be fully immersed in the moment so deeply that I don't care about the dishes, the laundry, the deadlines.

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