5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Blogging

5 Things I Wish I Had Known About Blogging



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Remember I said that one of the reasons I found blogging appealing is that I could write about whatever I wanted to? Well, as it turns out, that’s not a good thing. You see my brain leaps, hops and skips from one topic, subject, cause, emotion to the next. As a result, the first years of NanaHood were a hodgepodge of whatever happened to be hopping and leaping around in my brain.

Great blogs may have a variety of topics, but they have one primary focus and they never, ever get away from it. For instance, NanaHood was recently updated by MWI, Inc. and one of the things they suggested was narrow down my categories. Which was a nice way of saying, “Get over your ADHD and stay focused!” We narrowed it down, and now you’ll see fewer category choices and all of them are connected to my top priority... grandparenting.

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