5 Subscription Box Gift Ideas That Will Save You Procrastinators This Holiday

5 Subscription Box Gift Ideas That Will Save You Procrastinators This Holiday

Warning! It's officially last minute. If you still need a gift for your teenage daughter, your great-uncle Sal, your crazy running cousin, and other assorted family members, this post may be your only hope. The rise in subscription boxes over the past year or two has been both interesting and potentially dangerous for the click-at-home shoppers among us.

If you haven't heard of this relatively new phenomenon, think back to music- and book-clubs of days gone by. You sign up, you get a shipment on a certain day of the month, and you have until a certain day to return it if you don't want it. But now instead of just hard back books and cassette tapes, you can choose from clothing, jewelry, art kits, health food, and even bacon. Better yet, you can gift those you love with their first (or more) month's subscription, giving them the choice to continue or cancel. Either way, it's a fun way to get them something that they want or need -- at the very last minute. Good job, procrastinators!

Here are 5 ideas for you.

For the New Baby You Almost Forgot

Did your sister-in-law just have a new baby -- and you forgot to buy a gift because you haven't even met the little tike yet? This subscription box is for you. Bluum is a box of goodies for babies and their new mamas, from pregnancy through preschool. You can even choose your frequency of shipment with this particular subscription box, from monthly to 3, 6, or 12 months. As with almost all of these services that I've researched, you can cancel at any time, so you're not boxing that new mama in to a plan that she can't sustain. Shipments are as low as $20.99/month, with a $40 value in each box. Customized for mom and baby by filling out a quick survey, this is a gift that a new mom (and her little one) will be sure to appreciate.

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