5 Rules for a Successful Date Night With Your Spouse

5 Rules for a Successful Date Night With Your Spouse

I used to be a pretty good “dater”, once upon a time. I mean, I’d show up looking stunning, make good conversation, provide my undivided attention, etc. So how is it that I can completely miss the mark on dates with my hubby?

Several years ago, we decided to start a bi-weekly “date night”. It sounded like a great idea and certainly something we could get some excitement out of. However, those first few date nights were anything but exciting; they were really more like business meetings sometimes. Eventually (and unfortunately) those dates became a thing of the past.

With that said, my husband and I have decided to start our date nights again, starting this Friday.


Image: Sylvia Schade via Flickr

So what’s gonna be different now from our last dating series, you ask? Well, I am proposing the following set of rules, yes RULES for our date nights:

Rule #1: Pre-set a Date, Time, and Dress Code

Date and time are pretty self explanatory, but the dress code thing is crucial in our marriage. I love to dress up, he loves to dress down. In the past, we could never get the wardrobes to match on our dates. I don’t mean his and her jumpsuits matching. More like I’m wearing a short black cocktail dress and heels, he’s wearing a Lakers jersey, jeans and sneakers. I understand the need for comfort, but can we at least switch up our Sunday Couch Potato look? This is a date, dress to impress!


NEXT: Talk it up and get reacquainted -->


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