5 Reasons I'll Never Be a Food Blogger

5 Reasons I'll Never Be a Food Blogger

Every once in a while, I like to share recipes on my blog. Because I really do like to cook. And, I've had a few recipes that have been pinned a few times, which brings traffic to my blog. Win-win, right?

But, today, as I was attempting to photograph another food item for another recipe share, I decided I could never become a food blogger. Like, EVER.

Here are the reasons why.

1. I like to eat food more than take pictures of it.

Try photographing your food. Sounds simple enough, right? WRONG. Food can look disgusting if the photograph is not taken with the right lighting. Take this delicious Tex-Mex meal that tasted SOOO good. I was enjoying this meal at one of my favorite restaurants on my last trip to Texas. I decided to send a picture to my husband to make him jealous. This is what it looked like.


Cat food. It looks a little bit like cat food.


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