5 Last-Minute Inexpensive Teacher Gifts

5 Last-Minute Inexpensive Teacher Gifts

Guess what? It's two weeks until Christmas, and your kids will probably be out of school in less than that. Maybe you've already spent your gift budget. Maybe you can't face the mall. Or maybe, like me, you're just lazy. Here are five last-minute teacher gift ideas you can make out of stuff that might already be lying around your house.

A Card Telling the Teacher What Your Child Likes About Him or Her

Seriously. Kate at Adventures in Parenting polled her teacher friends and what they wanted was a card, maybe with a list of good qualities, lessons your kid learned, days that were fun in the classroom -- written by your child, of course, and signed and dated. Think about it -- why else did these amazing people go into teaching? To teach! Let the teacher know what he or she is doing right this holiday.

thank you note

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A Book for the Classroom

Many teachers have a classroom library. An age-appropriate book donated for that purpose is a great gift (and one less thing the teacher has to pay for herself).


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Hand Lotion

Anyone who has to touch stacks of paper all day is bound to get chapped skin.

hand lotion

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Personalized Book Plates

Cindy at Skip to My Lou has free templates for book plates that you can personalize and print out. Super cute!

book plates

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Melted Crayon Art

AlexisAnne at Clean, Smart, Simple, Style has this great tutorial for melted crayon art for grown-ups that can jazz up your kid's teacher's classroom with your broken half crayons.


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I actually made something for my daughter's teachers this year that was NOT last-minute but was really cute and cost me zero dollars: a book pages keyholder.

What's your favorite last-minute teacher gift?

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