5 Easy Fitness Hacks

5 Easy Fitness Hacks

I tend to feel like it's easier to be active in the summer than the winter. I like to blame winter weather, but when I really tried to find more ways to be active, I realized there were things I could do all year round. Here are five tips to help you work a bit more activity into your busy schedule, no matter what season it is.

Count Your Steps

Credit: Giorgos Michalogiorgakis

Use a pedometer, Fitbit or NikeFuel to track your steps. I work from home, and when I started counting my daily steps, I was horrified. I knew I was pretty sedentary, but I didn't realize just how few steps I took in a day. The step counter reminds me to get up, walk, and stretch during the day. I can pace and walk around the house while I'm on calls instead of sitting at my desk. After I started using a FitBit, I made a happy discovery -- I walk at least half a mile doing basic chores, and even more when I do the bigger household tasks on weekends. I can always use more motivation to clean.

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