5 Cheap New Year's Eve Activities with Kids

5 Cheap New Year's Eve Activities with Kids

Ah, the New Year's Eves of yore, back before ... children. I remember the nights of bar-hopping and champagne parties that last until dawn. For the last almost nine years ... not so much. Now with a kid and a dearth of babysitters who want to stay in on New Year's Eve, the party-hearty holiday has changed quite a bit. Still, we've managed to have fun either as a family or along with other friends with kids stuck in the same situation. Here are some ideas for New Year's Eve fun with kids.


Want an outing in which there is both allowable screaming and booze in a controlled-for-kids environment? Rediscover bowling! Kids love the funny shoes and adults like the fact they don't have to answer the question "why" every five seconds while sharing a Natty Light with friends.

bowling ball

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