Make Your Pinterest Pins Go Viral

Make Your Pinterest Pins Go Viral


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I say it over and over again in Building a Framework: relationships with other bloggers are so, SO important!!! Blogging is best done in community; you can accomplish waaaaaaaaaayyyy more with a group of bloggers than you can alone.

I am involved in several blogging Facebook groups where we help share each others' pins to our big group boards at prime pinning times. I can pin my own stuff all I want, but if 10 other people are pinning my posts as well, they're going to go a lot farther and be exposed to more pinners. Find your "people," help each other out, and get pinning!

As I said at the beginning of the post, there is not one cookie cutter way to write a post to make it go viral on Pinterest. Sometimes it's the posts that we least expect that make it big. In my experience, though, the pins that have the characteristics listed above tend to do well and bring in the traffic!

What Pinterest tips do you have?

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