5 Blog Post Ideas…For When You’re Too Tired To Think

5 Blog Post Ideas…For When You’re Too Tired To Think

This week has just been busy.

Normally I thrive with being productive, and I typically give myself too much to do everyday.  Normally, I love having too much to do…aragorn speech

School, laundry (sort of), cleaning, sanitizing, dishes…by hand since the dishwasher is on the fritz…cooking, laundry (hey, it’s clean), planning, an anniversary, sewing club and laundry during hot California days…somehow, it has all caught up with me and I am toast.

I’m glad it’s Friday.


Not that it actually means much, since I don’t have a timesheet to clock in; but nevertheless, it’s nice to think that tomorrow is Saturday.  Just for the heck of it.

I was looking around for “easy blog posts” to do today, since I am sitting in front of a large fan on my couch while kids are napping and finishing school, and I am completely unable to use my brain past the point of making coffee (yes, in this heat).

But then I thought, it would be even better if I had a list of blog post ideas for these kinds of days!

So here ya go:

1. Money Saving Mom11-Blog-Post-Ideas-for-Those-Days-When-Your-Brain-is-FriedI like this one, because I certainly feel like I am fried today.  And Money Saving Mom has a great site for household ideas, in general.


2. Stay At Home Moms:  “101 Blog Content Ideas for Moms”


I can hardly count up to 101 today, but they really do have 101 ideas for blog posts.  It’s crazy.  Or is it a challenge…


3. Blog Clarity: “The Secret to a Gazillion Blog Post Ideas”


I tend to like vague ideas…I also like vague numbers!  A Gazillion Blog Post Ideas…right up my line.

4. Kludgy Mom: “600 BRILLIANT Blog Post Ideas”



I know an over-achiever when I see one.  600 ideas?  I don’t know if I’ve done the laundry 600 times…this woman needs a medal.


5. Mom Bloggers Club: 101 Post Ideas For Your Blog


As a mom blogger there will come a time or two when you absolutely cannot think of a single thing to blog about. It happens to all of us. We get writer’s block and let our blogs lie dormant for a day or two, which in turn makes us feel guilty and causes our readers to go elsewhere. Here are 101 post ideas to get you through writer’s block.

I like her.  I also like writing, and all of these ideas are great right now.



~~For those of us with fire.~~

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