40 Days of Singleness: WHERE IS THE MUTE BUTTON?!

40 Days of Singleness: WHERE IS THE MUTE BUTTON?!

Day 3

I love social media. I am a Twitter lover, a Facebook fanatic, and a Tumblr-er. Its kept me connected to my friends and family, and introduced me to SO many thoughts and ideas about life. Social media and I have had a lovely relationship.

Till now.

Now it is my worst enemy. When I open my Facebook, he is there. When I go on Twitter, he is there. And worst of all TUMBLR. My happy place social media site. Even Spotify. Its the worst torture I could possibly have right now.

Don’t get me wrong, we had an amicable break, and it’s not as if he’s treated me terribly. However, I needed a break, and although he isn’t on my inbox, my love for SM ensures that he is ALWAYS on my mind.


I don’t want to be the asshole. I don’t want to unfollow, un-friend, un- EVERYTHING him, so instead, I praise the powers that be for the mute button, the hide button, and the filter button. I’d hate to take out my issues on him, it feels wrong. I know it would hurt his feelings, so instead I quietly, and temporarily, remove him from my direct line of vision. In the end, i’ll have an easier time going through the systems cleanse, and, as a result, be a way nicer person to him in the future.

Its been hard enough, not speaking to someone who occupied my life so much for nearly a year, but knowing what he’s listening to, what he’s thinking, where he’s been while we weren’t speaking?






*hits mute*



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