4 Steps to Starting Your Mom Home Business

4 Steps to Starting Your Mom Home Business


You have been dreaming about leaving your present job for a while now.  

Every morning it gets harder and harder to leave your baby and trek into the city to work.  Yes, you love your job but now a baby is part of your life and  you just feel this need to stay home with him.

But there is also this need to not give up your autonomy as a working woman either.  

So lately you have been wondering if you could work at home and be with your baby.  You sure can. It is very possible to run your own mom business at home.   Many women do it and love that they can be home with their children and be a mompreneur  (mom + entrepreneur) too.

4 Steps to Start Your Mom Business at Home

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1. Are You Cut Out to Be a WAHM (Work at Home Mom)?

Ask yourself these questions: Can I actually work at home, alone?  There will be no other coworkers to take breaks or lunches with.  Are you cool to be alone most of the time? Are you self-motivating?  Will you get yourself up and ready to work everyday without a boss letting you know the deadlines? Can you fight distractions?  Yes, you are home but that means the TV must stay off, the book you are reading must stay closed and, most importantly, you must stay away from personal social interaction during work hours. Seriously think about your day and how much it will change.  You will be home alone, with your child, working.  The job can be lonely but can also be very rewarding.

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2. Discuss Your Ideas and Plans with any Pertinent Parties

Probably the most important step in beginning to work at home.  You surely want anyone that will be affected by your decision to know what you plan on doing.  Sit your husband, significant other, older children, mom, dad or any other loved one that you would like support from and give them the details.  Let them know how important it is that you stay home to work.  And that you are aware that the journey will be difficult and maybe not fruitful at first but your have faith in yourself.

3. Figure Out Your Options

What kind of work will you do?  Does your job now offer telecommuting?  Will you start a new business based on your passion? Here are some general options moms have when it comes to working from home:


Telecommuting is working for a company part-time or full-time at home as an employee. These can be but not limited to call center support, sales, writer, graphic artist, programmer, transcription, or translation.


Freelancers work for companies but is not an employee. You generally will do short term projects for a company or person. Many of the positions listed in telecommuting can also be done as freelance work.

Business Woman

You can start your own business through well established direct sales companies or your own product. Direct selling is selling a product away from a retail shop, mostly from home.

More Work at Home Options

Many other versions of WAHMs are out there. There are moms in affiliate sales, which is taking a product, whether electronically delivered or not, and selling it, generally online for a commission. And some moms start blogs and go on to write product reviews, become speakers in their field or sell advertising, all while earning an income.

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4. Prepare Yourself

You are starting a business or at least working for yourself.  You will need to decide when and how to work.  Figure out a plan for yourself that works into your family's schedule in which you can work on your business.

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Find support.  You will be working alone for the most part.  Find other moms that work from home, they know how you feel and they probably can help you with solutions if you cross road bumps.  Meetup is a great place to find mom entrepreneurs near you.  Also your local Small Business Administration can help get you started, online and off.

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