35 Resources to Help You Get Organized

35 Resources to Help You Get Organized

Several times a year I sit down and decide I'm going to figure out this whole "getting organized" thing. The fact that I do this several times a year is a clue it's always a work in progress for me.

My whole life I've veered toward cluttered and chaotic. Each time I sit down to get organized, I make a little bit more progress. Here are 35 resources I've used that have helped me on my path to becoming a bit more organized.

35 Resources to Help You Get Organized | BlogHer

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A Notebook: As much as I love my tech (and I do love my tech!) there are times when I just need paper. I always found striking through the items on my to do list much more fun on paper than on a device. My favorite notebooks are from Pierre Belvedere. They are sturdy, pretty, and the paper quality is fabulous.

My Smartphone: I know. It's a total cliche, but I'd be lost without my phone. It's my alarm clock and my calendar, and I'd be lost without the reminder app.

Post-Its: I looooove Post-Its. I use them for everything. I use them to flag recipes I want to make. I leave notes for my husband on his work bag. I mark passages in books I really like. I stick them on the front door if I really, really need to remember something before I leave the house... like my passport.

A Whiteboard/Bulletin Board/Chalkboard Wall: Sometimes you just need to see the big picture. We painted a chalkboard wall in the hallway just off our kitchen last summer and we use it for important dates, meal plans, and grocery lists. If we're headed out of town, it's a great place to leave notes for our cat sitter.

Evernote: I've been using Evernote for so long I don't even know I how I would function without it. The first drafts of my blog posts are in there. It's where I write my meal plans. I keep to do lists and knitting notes. I basically write and store everything in there.

Social Media Apps: Whether you use them on your phone, download the desktop apps or use browser extensions, social media apps rock my world. I personally use a mix of Hootsuite, Facebook, Echofon, and Instagram. I like having the ability organize my twitter streams or send things to multiple accounts. They just make my online life so much easier to manage.

Unroll.me: Are you waging war on the amount of unnecessary emails you get everyday? I know how it is. You buy an item online and you create an account. The next thing you know you're getting email from them all the time. I don't know how many times I've thought I've fully unsubscribed from emails only to have a different kind pop in. Unroll.me will help you narrow it down to just the ones you really want... and it can even roll up all of those into a single daily email digest.

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