3 Tips for LinkedIn Posts That Share

3 Tips for LinkedIn Posts That Share

Its called #socialenvey.

We all get it and it happens every day. That moment when you see a post and you know instantly that it was better than your’s, you should have posted that two weeks ago or plain and simple, it just blew your's out of the water.

Here are three tips to start implementing  in your LinkedIn strategy today
Turn those #socialenvy tables around.  It is your turn to stir up a little bit of noise on one of the most career savvy, social networking sites in the world. Enjoy!

3 Tips for LinkedIn Posts That Share:

  • Tip #1: Use links.
    LinkedIn posts with links in them, on average, receive 2x the engagement per posts than those without. 

  • Tip #2: Use images + rich media.
    Score 98% more likelihood for comments on your posts by always including at least one image or one piece of rich media in each post (links count as rich media.)

  • Tip #3: For video, link directly from Youtube, not your website.
    Links redirecting to Youtube play directly (or automatically) in viewers' LinkedIn news feeds. On average posts with video urls to Youtube versus other destination urls get 75% higher share rates.
Have any tips or suggestions that compliment the above? I would love to hear them in the comment section below. Have a great day and happy posting on LinkedIn.







-Kait Neese