3 Annoying Toys My Toddler Loves

3 Annoying Toys My Toddler Loves

When I was pregnant, everybody was so busy laughing at how I would never get sleep again that they forgot to warn me about how annoying toys are. Toys are great when you’re a kid playing with them, but when you are the parent replacing batteries, gluing parts back together again, or unexpectedly stepping on something toys cease to be fun.

I challenged myself to select three, ONLY three, toys my toddler loves that really frustrate, annoy, and torture me.

Play electric mixer… weak on power, strong on NOISE: I was visiting a yard sale when I came across a play electric stand mixer. My son loves to watch us cook, he tries to help, this is only one dollar, oh I just have to get this for him. It was so precious watching him play with the mixer for the first time…

But there is something not-so-funny about the mixer when that is the sound you wake up to in the morning or your toddler is chasing you with it because he thinks you react the way you do because you LOVE the sound it makes. Son, I don’t love that sound at all.

Thomas the Train… with a battery operated engine: I was antiquing when I took a chance and purchased a small, metal Thomas train. I was surprised when we got it home to discover that not only did it run on batteries, it still worked!

Then I was doomed…


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