Today, is quite a special day. I am 26 today and I am excited! Last year, was a hard year. Mom and I went through such a challenging experience. But, it was nothing compared to what my Grandmother went through. But, we know that she's resting and she's happy now! So, that makes me extremely happy.

You know how at the end of year, people asked if you have any new year's resolutions? Well, I've got c aouple birthday resolutions. And both are about work. I want to create more working opportunities for myself and I want to become much better at blogging. I have been building more in the blogging and writing world and I am really happy about it. But, I know that there's more to do and I now that I can do more. So, I'm excited about it. Not to mention, I plan on doing better with my eating habits and exercising. Now, that exercising, is the monster! But, I will do it. 

Anyway, I wanted to share this day with my new family, the BlogHer Community. I love you all and I am so happy that this is my first birthday as a blogger! What an exciting experience! So, here's to many more years as a blogger!!!


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