21 Days to break the thumb sucking habit

21 Days to break the thumb sucking habit


We’re working on breaking a habit at our house this week.  My son, 9 years old, is a thumb sucker. He has slept with a quilt his grandmother (my mother) made and sucked his thumb every single time he has slept since he was 6 months old.  The blanket is now in shreds…seriously it’s a rag…and it smells.  Really.  Really.  Bad.  I wash it as often as I dare, but it’s just not ever going to be ‘clean’ or smell good again.  My husband and I have tried almost everything to encourage him to stop–the Daddy approach is to threaten hot sauce, or something else that tastes bad.  The Mommy in me thinks that’s a little mean.  I mean he’s just doing it out of habit and to find comfort.  (Okay, okay I KNOW! He’s the youngest so back off, okay?)

Yesterday my son and I had a conversation in the car with no one else around and we’ve decided to try and work on this.  I’m going to remind him each time I see him start to put his thumb in his mouth and he’s going to work on it, too.  If he makes it till his birthday (June) then I’ve promised him a ‘super awesome gift’ for his birthday.  He’s dying for an iPod touch, and frankly I’m dying for him to stop asking to play a game on my iPhone every time I turn around so really it’s a win-win-win-win!

He slept last night without the blanket (a.k.a. Blankie) and without sucking his thumb.  He’s extra tired today because I think it took him longer than normal to fall asleep but he’s proud of himself for making it through the night without either one!

Wish us luck!


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