The 2014 Oscars: Join us for #BlogHerTalks

The 2014 Oscars: Join us for #BlogHerTalks

Who can forget the 2013 Oscars? There was great fashion, Seth MacFarlane's misogynistic "Boob Song"and our first glimpse at the awesomeness of Jennifer Lawrence. Despite the many cringeworthy moments from last year's Academy Awards, we can't deny that some good came out of that evening, not the least of which was BlogHer's first-ever #BlogHerTalks Twitter chat. And, guess what? We're back!

Academy AwardsImage: Helga Esteb /

Well, we are. Seth isn't. Thank goodness.

On Sunday, March 2, at 7PM Eastern, join BlogHer, our social media team, members of our editorial staff, and some of our favorite community members as we dish on movies, fashion, and what are sure to be the much-improved hosting abilities of Ellen DeGeneres.

Show us what you're eating, who you're wearing (yoga pants, anyone?), and how you're celebrating (and snarking upon) the most fabulous night in Hollywood.

Follow @BlogHer on Twitter and use hashtag #BlogHerTalks to join us for pop culture in 140 characters, or less!


When she isn't tweeting, posting to LinkedIn, or pinning for the BlogHer Community of 92 million, Diane can be found blogging at Momo Fali, where she writes about her sports-fanatic husband, teen daughter and her special-needs son.

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