19 Ways to Avoid Draining Your Cell Phone Battery

19 Ways to Avoid Draining Your Cell Phone Battery

I’m sure you have your own tricks to avoid a flat battery, but let me go a little bit deeper with 19 effective hints to avoid draining your cell phone battery. These tips will help your phone battery last longer so you can stretch and extend the time span between charges.

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1. Switch Off Your Phone

If you don’t need your phone while you’re sleeping or after business hours, just switch it off. Also turn it off if you are in an area with poor reception because the constant search for service depletes the battery quickly. Plus forget the flight mode on planes; you’re better off switching it off completely.

2. Turn Off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Both are power hungry features so disable them when they’re not in use.

3. Switch Off the Vibrate Function

You can switch it off in your phone settings and also set the ring tone volume as low as possible.

4. Avoid Flash Photography

Flashes are powerful and use lots of energy. Same goes for using your phone as a flashlight.

5. Reduce the Screen Brightness

Setting the brightness of the display to the lowest level possible will impact battery life greatly.  The same goes for the back light.  Reduce your time to one or two seconds to conserve your battery.

6. Close Applications

Shut down apps if they’re not in use, including nonessential apps running in the background.

7. Keep Your Calls Brief

If you can limit your talk time, you will save your battery’s life.

8. Avoid Games, Videos, Pictures and Internet

I know it sounds very restrictive, but those will suck up your power!  Also avoid chatting online and any form of videos.

9. Avoid Free Applications

Why? Because free apps have lots of advertising banners, right? Those not only use your battery, but they could potentially harm your phone.

10. Don’t Leave Your Phone Cooking in the Sun

Makes sense. Do not leave your phone (or dog and kids!) in a hot car or anywhere with hot temperatures. There is an optimum temperature range cell phones function at.

11. Avoid Animated Backgrounds

They look cool, but any animated pictures or wallpapers will drain your battery faster than a normal picture.

12. Black Screens are Better than White

Black screens use less power than white, I don’t know why but it’s true.  So go with a nice textured black screensaver.

13. Check Your Email Settings

Every time you are receiving an email on your phone, you lose a little battery. Uncheck the automatic box in your phone settings.

14. Run it Down

Don’t stretch your battery by charging it before it fully discharges of its power.  Run it down completely before recharging.

15. Turn Off the GPS

GPS uses battery power like no other. Try to use it only when you really need it.

16. Turn Off Notifications and Syncing

Notifications and background syncing aren’t crucial to use your phone, but the constant updating and displaying of messages consumes a good deal of energy.

17. Update Your Apps Regularly

Not always the case, but regularly updating your apps so you have the most current version will utilize less power.

18. Check the Size of Your Apps

After you've plugged your phone into your computer, click on the apps.  Beside each of them will be some information included the app’s size. Uninstall the ones that are too big for your phone’s memory and your battery.

19. Purchase an External Battery

Perhaps the most obvious of all suggestions but (again) during a long trip, having a spare battery will be the safer solution.

I’m not asking you to use your smartphone only for brief calls with a dark screen! But in the situation of a long flight, a day at the beach, or away from a power source, you will need to know how to save your phone’s battery and these tips will be part of your survival kit. Bonne chance.

French & Australian, Freddie is the founder and blogger at Women Love Tech - Sexy & Fun Lifestyle Technology Magazine. 

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