13 Very Soggy Miles - But What A View

13 Very Soggy Miles - But What A View

In the past, I have always driven into the Linglestown area to run. But with running 6 days a week, I just didn't want to spend 40 minutes (round trip) in driving. Honestly, I need the sleep at this point. So I've been discovering places to run around where I live. Thanks to some local peeps here in Dauphin, I'm exploring the area. Everywhere I run, there are pretty much hills, but I'm finding it's very pretty. And I'm enjoying running and exploring where I live.

Views on Today's 13 Miler 

Today's run was supposed to be 13 miles at a 11-12:30 pace. Well, that didn't happen. In fact, around mile 8, I almost called it quits and walked the mile back home. But instead, I forced myself to walk the other direction. Yes, the last 5 miles were more walk than run. I wound up with a 14:00 pace which is no where near what my training plan called for. But, it's done. It was 13 very soggy miles. 

I had steady rain for the first hour, and then showers/mist off and on for the last 2 hours. Yes, this run took me 3 HOURS today.  They say it's the tough ones that make you stronger. Well this outta make me super strong ha. 
Weekly mileage: 40 miles.