100 Calorie Beary Simple Cookies

100 Calorie Beary Simple Cookies

Ever since I shared my plan to rid myself of Candida, I’ve gotten hundreds of emails from readers all over the globe asking me for yeasty beasty guidance.

What’s the most common topic on those Candida ridden minds? “What can we cook?”

Jennifer and Jaclyn from Sketch-free Vegan contacted me awhile back with an invitation to review their e-book, inner ecology cookbook. I love supporting others in our community, so I jumped at the chance to give them my opinion on the book.

^^ vanilla cake batter fudge. Mmmm

After reading through a couple of their recipes, it was evident that; with a tiny bit of tweaking; almost every recipe could cater to any Candida sufferer adventurist. The recipes are sugar-free, fruit-free (just using cranberry, lemon, and lime), made from easy to find ingredients, and many are vegan.

They’ve created snacks like sunflower seed spicy hummus, almond cheese, an amazing recipe for mint chia pudding, and; the one that called out to me the most; little cinnamon bunny cookies.

While sorting through the ingredients for the bunny cookie recipe, Pebbles jumped up on my lap and gave me her big sad puppy dog eyes. I took this as, “Mommy, I want a cookie too!”

I’m such a sucker for those eyes. Look at them, how can you ignore that?

Answer? You can’t.

So, with a bit of tweaking of the original recipe, I came up with a treat that’s quite multifaceted:

  • Safe for Candida sufferers – minus the jam :)
  • Great as a replacement for animal crackers or cookies in kids lunches
  • Under 100 calories
  • High in fibre [2.2 grams in every cookie]
  • Low in sugar [1.2 grams per cookie]
  • Safe for our furry friends!

For the puppy treat, I used a dog bone cookie cutter I’d picked up months earlier at Crate & Barrel for id="mce_marker". Gosh, I love deals on cookie cutters.

You’d never know by the size of my cookie cutter collection :|

Within moments, these cookies were coined cinnibone dog treats and were a huge hit. Just look at Lexy licking her lips!

Best of all, they’re much cheaper and healthier than store-bought dog treats!

Although it was fun snacking on dog bone shaped cookies at work, people started to ask questions. Also, getting kids to try “dog treats” was a task in and of itself.

I knew that the second batch had to be something dessert-like

Enter 100 calorie beary simple cookies.

Same recipe, just a different shape. I cooked them for a bit less time than the cinnibone treats, so they’re just golden on the outside with very minimal crunch.

I’ve been topping my bear cookies with vanilla almond flax butter and strawberry preserves, and packing them as an afternoon pick me up snack. So good!

Lexy and Pebbles have been sitting, rolling over, shaking paw, and listening for the past week. Granted they’ve been bribed, but meh…

Good cookies, good dogs, what more could a girl possibly ask for?

Understanding just how many of you are currently on the road to ridding yourselves of Candida, cutting down your sugar intake, or just simply trying to eat cleaner, I knew this cookbook could potentially help out.

Jennifer and Jaclyn were nice enough to offer 1 lucky reader a chance to win a copy of their e-book! Not only that, but if required, we can chat about how to make some of the recipes candida friendly.

To enter

It’s simple, just leave a comment below.

The giveaway will close tonight at 11:59pm MST and a winner will be announced tomorrow.