Divorced? Try These Tips to Get Through the Wedding Season

Divorced? Try These Tips to Get Through the Wedding Season

Tis the season…for weddings.  Yay. 

Sometimes, the last thing we feel like doing is attending a wedding as a single divorcée. The romance, the dancing, the ‘love’ in the air is enough to choke the bitterness right out of us.

My first post-divorce wedding was a strange affair. I remember coming home afterwards and flopping on the couch with a deep sigh. “That was one of the worst weddings I’ve ever been to,” I said to the wall no one in particular. I just wanted to take my dress off, put some sweat pants on, and forget it happened.


Image: Corri Garza via Flickr

It’s not that it was sticky sweet... quite the contrary. The bride wore pants. They served coffee. The appointed service time was 11am (on a Sunday). So, no, it wasn’t overly romantic. It was just a combination of things that made me incredibly uncomfortable. Being a single without someone to complain to under my breath made it even worse. I stood there lost, looking for someone to mingle with over coffee. I wished I could disappear into the 1940’s wallpaper that covered the quaint Inn walls.

How do you make sure this doesn’t happen to you? Say"No" to any wedding held before noon-- a good rule of thumb to keep you from an awkward brunch. Say "No" to any wedding held in the basement of an ‘Inn’.

What if your plus one is someone your friends don’t see as a plus? They judge your plus one and compare him/her to your ex…

OR, you don’t have a plus one?   No problem.


the divorcee's guide to wedding season


Maybe you go solo and watch the first dance while schmoozing with the Maid of Honor, discussing the divorce rate. You could inquire about the Pre-Nup and roll your eyes when you find out there isn’t one—muttering ‘idiots’ under your breath. Which brings me to what not to do

What NOT to do this wedding season…

1 Drink the whole bottle of champage before the dinner and then get the hiccups during speeches.
2 stay home and forget to send a gift
3 Talk about your divorce
4 photo bomb every family picture (with a frown)

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