10 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Be My Friend

10 Reasons Why You Don't Want To Be My Friend

8) I might start crying spontaneously and inexplicably.
I am a SAHM, which means that I have almost no personality anymore since Wild Kratts, Cheddar Bunnies, laundry, and grocery fetching have sucked my life dry. While you are talking about some date you had at some restaurant, I will start crying. Why? Because the miracle of eating out is that you don’t have to cook or clean. And you know, that sounds like heaven. So there, you lost my attention span, but gained an over emotional and envious girlfriend.

9) I might Mom-It-Up by saying or asking inappropriate things.
If you start acting all weird I might ask you something like this:
Oh, honey, are you feeling OK? Is your tummy alright? You gotta poop?
If you are at all prepared for that then you might be able to be my friend.

10) I don’t know how to NOT talk about my kids…unless we are talking about Pinterest.
I will talk about my kids. A lot. Like all the time kind of a lot. Unless you mention Pinterest, in which case, I will babble on endlessly about the brilliant storage tricks I learned for organizing Hot Wheels and cloth diapers. See? It goes right back to talk about kids.



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