10 Reasons Why I Want to Be a Toddler

10 Reasons Why I Want to Be a Toddler

It was a bad night for mommy. The terrible twos have blown through our home like a tornado, leaving exhaustion and frustration in its wake. Tonight was especially rough. Mai had a meltdown that lasted from the moment I came home until I tucked her into her crib. Collapsing on the couch with a beer and a headache got me thinking. What is my little girl so distressed about? I have to say I think that she has it pretty good. I would not mind being in her shoes for a few days.

Here are 10 reasons that I wish I could be Mai.

10 Reasons Why I Want to Be a Toddler

1. I would wear footie pajamas every day. I used to joke with my husband all the time that I wish I could spend all day in footie pajamas like Mai did. My hubby obliged and last mother’s day I ended up with a pair of these.

10 Reasons Why I Want to Be a Toddler

2. A chubby belly and thighs are considered cute. If this were only true for me, I would be considered a goddess.

3. Running around naked is acceptable. I am sort of a nudist. If it was socially acceptable, I might never put clothes on.

4. Napping I don’t understand why my daughter fights napping so much. It is wonderful. You don’t realize how much you love a good nap until you can’t take them when you want anymore.

5. You can get away with wearing anything. As adults we are always so self-conscious of our appearance and what other people think of it. I am guessing I could not get away with this mismatched ensemble that daddy put her in one day.

10 Reasons Why I Want to Be a Toddler

6. Everything you do is funny, smart, and cute. I can’t remember the last time someone oohed and aaahed over me smelling my own feet or farting. It just doesn’t happen.

7. If you pee or poop in your pants it is not embarrassing. Ok, ok, it is not that I do these things, but if I did it would be nice to know that someone would be ready with a pack of water wipes and some powder to wipe my bum down.

8. When you are mad, you can throw a tantrum. As adults we often have to suppress these feelings which leave us stressed. How wonderful would it be to have a toddler-like tantrum, throwing things and pounding your fists on the floor? I would like to try this at work tomorrow to see what happens.

9. You can eat like a slob. How fun would it be to enjoy your food so wholeheartedly? I would drop food all over myself and not bat an eyelash.

10 Reasons Why I Want to Be a Toddler

10. The world is your playground. One thing that I find so wonderful about my daughter is that everything is so new and exciting to her. Things that we take for granted, fill her with such wide-eyed wonder. I would love to be able to see things again through a child’s eyes.


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