Take This Super-Easy 5 Word Blog Branding Test

Take This Super-Easy 5 Word Blog Branding Test

The 10-Minute Touch Up is a quick, weekly challenge that I run on Blog Clarity to get you DOING, not just reading about doing. Consider it a way to touch up your blogging just 10 minutes at a time!

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The Five-Word Branding Test

Challenge: Find out if your branding ideal lines up with your branding reality.

Why: Your blog gives off a certain vibe. Your writing has a certain voice. Your fonts give off personality. Your colors shout (or whisper). All of the little bits and pieces of your blog together form a brand. Think of your brand as how people perceive your blog.  You may think your blog is sassy and colorful, but do others think so? Doing this five-word challenge can be a litmus test to see if the branding in your head aligns with the branding others see. I know, it's a scary thought but it can really provide some perspective.

How to Do It

You can't fly solo for this little challenge! You'll need a partner or a friend to help. If it's another blogger, you can run the test on each other's blogs. If it's a friend, be sure to say thank you, even if he or she looks puzzled. Just tell them to go with it. While this test may only take ten minutes, it can pave the way to you making adjustments on your blog so your brand rings truer to your five characteristics.

1. Write down five words that you think describe your blog.

These can be emotional words, visual words, colors, tone, design, personality, etc. What do you want readers to subconsciously think about if someone were to say your blog name to them? They might associate your blog with a certain color, style, or other characteristic.

Here are some words to jumpstart the brainstorm: Bold, bright, clean, colorful, comfortable, crafty, daring, direct, eclectic, educational, empowering, green, helpful, honest, hysterical, insightful, informational, inspirational, organic, photography, purple, sassy, sarcastic, sincere, stylish, sweet, vivid, yellow.

Got 'em? Tuck those words away for now.

2. Ask your partner or friend to share five words that come to mind when they think of your blog.

You can give them the list above to give them an idea of what you mean. But don't tell them your words! If you can get more than one person to do this, even better.

3. Compare the results.

Did the responses match how you want your brand to be perceived? No, they don't need to use the exact words. But does the overall perception match your own? Did any words surprise you? Once you've walked through the test, carve out some time to look at how you can adjust your blog. (Yes, that'll take longer than a 10-minute touch up.)


Give It a Try

Who's going to try this today? If you need a partner, feel free to ask for one in the comments and help each other out. Otherwise, share your five words or your final results!

Melissa Culbertson- Founder, Blog Clarity and Author of Blog Design for Dummies

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