10 Date Night Ideas with Your Kids

10 Date Night Ideas with Your Kids

We all know we love our date nights, right? The chance to get away from the kids and reconnect with our spouses over some cocktails is a great idea. What do you do when you feel disconnected from your kids? That's when it's time to go on a date night. Here are some ideas to get you started having fun and spending time with your favorite people, your kids.

1. A Traditional Date

A Traditional Date
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The best way to show you kids how to expect to be treated when they start dating is to take them on one. Go all out and do dinner and a movie. Let your daughter get all dressed up, do her hair and have Dad take her out for some Daddy/Daughter time. Have him take her to dinner and movie, hold the door open for her, pull her chair out, the whole nine yards. How else will your daughter know to expect to be treated like a lady when she's older, unless you show her that she is one now? For moms of sons like myself, take your son out on a date. Teach him to hold the door open for you and pull out your chair. Encourage him to make suggestions from the menu of what you might like. He'll love that you want his opinion on your meal. Teach your sons to be gentlemen and -- why you're doing all this teaching -- to start a conversation. Let them take the lead and talk about what they're into, even if you wind up talking about the kid that puked in class most of the meal.


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