10 Gift Suggestions for Book Lovers

10 Gift Suggestions for Book Lovers

Splurge on Beautiful Editions of Favorite Books

I think most of us know someone who not only loves books but loves beautifully crafted books. Look no further than the Folio Society, a membership-only subscription service. They will run you a bit more than some other editions but they are stunning. chronicles of narnia folio societyI'm so very tempted by their box set of The Chronicles of Narnia. Their version of The Crimson Fairy Book would beautiful on anyone's bookshelf. These editions can become beloved keepsakes for children but there is plenty on offer for adults. There's Master and Commander, The Handmaid's Tale and Tinker Tailor Solider Spy, for example. Or do a tie-in with the much anticipated film release and snag a beautiful copy of The Hobbit. If the Folio Society is out of your price range, Penguin's Clothbound Classics are an equally stunning yet budget-friendly option.

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