10 Food Blog Trends That Should Stop

10 Food Blog Trends That Should Stop

Food Bondage

Food bondage
Image: Courtesy of Sean Timberlake

Last year we called out the deplorable baker's twine as a shark-jumping trend, but the tyranny of tied-up food has continued unabated; worsened, even. Yes, we still see baker's twine used to tie up things that hold themselves together perfectly well, like ice cream sandwiches, and now we have jute twine-bound tacos, sandwiches held in place with raffia or, even more baroquely, wrapped in swathes of paisley fabric and braided ribbon. Loops of maritime rope batten down the hatches for an apparently storm-ready shake, and yet more twine attaches possibly flammable tags to what should be a screaming hot iron skillet. I've heard of food porn, but it's definitely taken a turn toward the kinky; call it 50 Shades of Gravy. New rule: If you wouldn't serve BDSM food to your family, don't serve it on the blog.


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