10 Best Google Drive Add-Ons to Help Tech Writers Work More Productively

10 Best Google Drive Add-Ons to Help Tech Writers Work More Productively

After Google posted “Bring a little something extra to Docs and Sheets with add-ons” in its official blog, Google Drive comes again in sight with all sorts of powerful adds-on. I’m a Google Drive user for 2 years as well as a tech writer for 7 years and highly appreciated this fancy upgrade. Now I’d like to introduce 10 best Google Drive add-ons (found in Connect More Apps after click “Create”), which can help your work more productively, especially for tech writers.

1. Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer

The reason I recommend this add-on is very simple and reasonable. I’m a tech writer and I need some high-efficient word processor rather than basic Google Document for my daily jobs. One of the most favorite features of this add-on is to insert watermark. Every time when I published posts in some sites like slideshare.net, I may need watermark to protect it from stolen.

2. Hello Fax

Hello Fax

After download this extension, as long as you have the fax address, you can send document files directly to the destination at PDF format. What’s more, you can design signature. It would be helpful if you’re a column editor who may need to file well-format articles via PDF with signature in the last minute to magazine. One of my objects is to become the column writer for MacWorld someone. It occurs to me that I spent 2 hours to find a Fax shop to send my thesis with original signature to supervisor 7 years ago when graduated from University of Texas—Austin. I may lose my Bachelor Degree if I didn’t find way to fax it at that time. How lucky for those young students, who won’t suffer the similar situation like me if they use Google Drive to write paper and fax it with Hello Fax.

3. Mind Meister

Mind Meister

Xmind is my brainstorm backup and when I can’t clarify my thoughts, I will use it to build a mind map, which can highly speed up my working schedule. However, after using Google Drive to edit my freelancer posts, it’s really wasteful to bring up new ideas by reopening another application in desktop. Now Mind Meister can solve my problem. Install and open it directly to create, edit and share mind maps online. What’s the best? I can also keep on my jobs at home for those didn’t complete at office after open my Google Drive App on PC or Pad.

4. Google Slides

Google Slides

Many users may claim that this app shouldn’t be this list because it’s not an add-on. It’s undoubted that you can see Google Slides the first time when use Google Drive. However, it’s also the add-on for Google Drive, the difference results in that the developer is Google, which is embedded automatically.  Features of this add-on can be enlightened when you need collaborative work with remote partners. Because there’s no restriction to the size of the file (expect for your space, the minimum free space is 5GB), you can create PPTs with tons of themes and animations. At the same time, leaving comment is also available on the file for colleagues, which is much more productive than engaging in endless emails and calls. As a Category Editor for Gizmo’s Freeware, some reviews should collaborate with other editors who can moderate and maintain the category for me when I’m out of office. That’s the time when I need Google Slide.

5. Drive Tunes

Drive Tunes

I have some favorite music songs like The Best of Me by Daniel Powter in Google Drive in Home PC, but I want to listen it at office. It really pisses me off to download this song again from the internet. At this moment, Drive Tunes helps a lot. This is Music Player for Google Drive, which can search all your music files in Google Drive and display randomly without download again. The only drawback is it only supports 2 formats right now, but will adds more in near future. Don’t doubt about the role Music plays in your productive writing. Writing could be a boring and tedious job especially when it comes to an assignment. For me, it’s my hobby, but Music can make it taste better. Why not?

6. RSS Merge and Reader

RSS Merge and Reader

Google Reader was my only RSS reader for the 4 years before Google claimed to stop this free service. Therefore I’m looking for a useful and efficient RSS reader like RSS Merge and Reader. This is a simple but powerful merge, which can compose all your RSS feeds into one. Every morning, when I open Google Drive, hundreds of latest tech news around the world gets me updated. What’s the best news in Lifehacker today? Microsoft Office Mobile is Now Free for iPhone and Android Phones. Gathering necessary news and information should be the base for tech writers. Technology always updates fast, writers should keep pace.


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