$1 Spot Crafting: Flowered Letter

$1 Spot Crafting: Flowered Letter

While Beyonce's been drinkin', I've be thinkin' about what I could use these Target $1 Spot flowers for. 


Have you seen these cuties? I could not resist them and threw at least 5 packs into the cart without an ounce of hesitation. I may need a $1 Spot intervention soon. 


Yesterday, opportunity came knocking in the form of an ugly V that used to hang in Vaughn's room. It had been demoted to the top of her closet so I got it down, dusted it off, and knew it would be perfect for these little flowers.


To kick things off I gave it a really quick spray paint job. I wasn't going for full coverage, I just didn't want the painted lines to peek through where the new flowers overlap. 


Surprise! The flowers have stickers on the back which made this quick little project even quicker. 


I played with many layouts but in the end liked the monotony of the purple flowers. This project used 2 packs, minus 2 flowers, of the purple flowers which added up to a whopping $2.  


A perfect addition to Vaughn's wall of chaos. 





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